How to clear system cache on Xbox 360

The most popular home video console i.e Xbox 360 system stores cache of items such as game updates, system update installation packages, your friends’s gamer picture etc.Many times by clearing the system cache of Xbox 360 console many common issues get resolved.Don’t worry your gamertag, content that you have downloaded, game files, console software updates will not be removed but your previously downloaded game updates will be lost.

You have to download those updates after clearing the system cache of your Xbox 360.In this article we will tell you how to clear system cache on Xbox 360.So, follow the step by step instructions given below to do so.


How To Factory Reset Xbox One Console

Every day millions of users power up their Xbox One to play video games, thousands stream video from YouTube or Netflix and listening to songs through Xbox Music. If due to some reasons you want to completely erase the data of your Xbox One Console then the only option for you is to perform a factory reset of your device. In this article, we will tell you how to factory reset Xbox One Console step by step.

Generally resetting is done to fix the localized Xbox One and Xbox Live sign-in problems or games hanging during start.

NOTE : By factory resetting your Xbox One console, all of your saved games, apps, accounts & settings will be removed. Anything which is not synchronized with Xbox Live will also be lost.

So, if you are ready to factory reset your Xbox One Console then follow the steps given below very carefully.

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  • How To Turn On parental Controls In Xbox 360 Console

Steps To Factory Reset Xbox One Console

  • First of all go to the home screen.
  • Now press the Menu button on the Xbox One wireless controller.
How to find which Linux distro you are using

If you are running Linux on you computer then you must be aware of which Linux distro you are using but what if you are managing someone else’s computer and you need to know which Linux distro he is using the this article is for you.In this article we will tell you how to find which Linux distro and kernel version.

Open terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following command.This code works in almost every Linux distribution.

cat /etc/issue

It will display the name of Linux distro you are using.

IF you want to know more about the Linux distro use the command mention below.This works in many popular Linux distro.

cat /etc/*release

How to find kernel version

If you want to check which kernel you are using you can easily find that with simple command.Open terminal and type the following command.

uname -r

How To Set Google As Default Search Engine In iOS

If you are worried after the rumors that Apple might shift the iOS default search engine to Yahoo or Bing in near future,then stop worrying you can keep Google as default search engine in your iOS device.Want to know how?Just read this article & follow some steps to change your default search engine in iPhone or iPad.



  • First of all open settings in your iOS device.
  • Now tap on Safari from the list at left side.
  • Then touch the Search Engine option.
  • You will see four search engines list there namely Google,Yahoo,Bing &  DuckDuckGo.
  • It’s done you have successfully changed your default search engine in your iOS device.It’s up to you to decide which search engine you want to use in Safari,among Google,Yahoo,Bing  & DuckDuckGo you can select anyone.Feel free to ask any query related to this topic we will try our best to resolve it as soon as possible.
How to test Internet Speed from Command Line

There are many internet test site available for user.But ever wondered how to test internet speed from Command Line.If yes then this article is for your.In this article we will tell you how to speed test your Internet Connection from Command Line.Just follow this simple guide to get started.


Open your Linux terminal.We need one script called which will be used to speed test your Internet connect.So type the following command in terminal.

Note: You should have root access in order to run these commands.


After that you have to change the access permission of the file to achieve that type the following command in Terminal.

chmod a+rx

After that you have to move this script to /usr/local/bin/ so that we can use this script directly from terminal.

mv /usr/local/bin/speedtest

After that we have to change the ownership of the file just type the following command in terminal and press Enter.

chown root:root /usr/local/bin/speedtest

You completed all the steps last steps is to check this script is working or not.Just open terminal and type speedtest and it will start testing your Internet connect from command line.


If you want to share your Internet connection speed with your friend then don’t worry you can also use that if you want speedtest result with image type the following command in terminal.

speedtest –share

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How to send email from Command Line

Ever wondered to send email from command line but after that you must thought that this is not possible.But you are wrong this is possible.So how you can send email from command line you must be thinking about this only.So don’t worry we will tell you how you can send email from Command Line so follow these simple steps to send email.

Steps to send email from Command Line

SSMTP is a open source SMTP server available for Linux.You can install SSMTP on your Linux with the simple command.To install SSMTP in Ubuntu type the following command in your Terminal.

sudo apt-get install ssmtp

Enter your password and it will start downloading ssmtp.

Then you have make some changes ssmtp.conf file.To do that type the following command in the terminal and press enter.

sudo gedit /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf

This will open ssmtp conf file.After that you have to configure it works with existing mail host like Gmail.So here is the configuration of ssmtp with Gmail.So just copy this code and paste it on ssmtp conf file.

Now replace your-email-address with your email which you will use to send emails make sure that email account is on G mail and then replace your-gmail-login-password with your password.Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S.

Now again open the terminal and use the following command to send emails.

ssmtp receiver-email-address
Subject: subject–here
Body of email

Replace receiver-email-address with the email address whom you want to send email,replace subject-here with your email subject and body of email with content of your mail.After that press Ctrl+D and it will send the mail to the email address which you chosen above.

if you get the following error while sending email

ssmtp: Authorization failed (534 5.7.9 bk8sm8525341pad.28 – gsmtp)

Then you have to enable access for less secure apps and it will work.Still if you are having any problem then feel free to contact us.If you like this article please share and subscribe to our newsletter to get latest updates directly in your inbox.

How to install ngx_pagespeed with Nginx on Ubuntu

Google now ranks a site on the basis of its loading speed also.Speeding up a website is a very difficult task for web masters.But smart people will take advantage of ngx_pagespeed which can optimize your website at server level.Since we are installing module on Nginx so there is way no simple way to install it after installation like in Apache.

So we need to install ngx_pagespeed at the time of installation.With ngx_pagespeed you can minify javascipt,css also you can compress images.

Install LEMP Stack on Ubuntu

  • Install WordPress on Nginx

Installing necessary packages

Pagespeed module require some package which you should install to make pagespeed run properly,issue the following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install build-essential zlib1g-dev libpcre3 libpcre3-dev unzip

Download ngx_pagespeed

After installing necessary packages its time to download ngx_pagespeed.Run the command mention below.

unzip release-${NPS_VERSION}
cd ngx_pagespeed-release-${NPS_VERSION}-beta/
tar -xzvf ${NPS_VERSION}.tar.gz

You need to run the above commands one by one.In this we will be installing ngx_pagespeed version

Download and build Nginx

Now we have downloaded ngx_pagespeed we need to configure nginx so that it will use ngx_pagespeed module.Issue the command in terminal.

tar -xvzf nginx-${NGINX_VERSION}.tar.gz
cd nginx-${NGINX_VERSION}/
./configure –add-module=$HOME/ngx_pagespeed-release-${NPS_VERSION}-beta
sudo make install

This will install Nginx will ngx_pagespeed module.After that you need to start web server.Issue the following command to start or stop the web server.You can also make a script to start and stop web server.

To start web server

sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx

To stop web server

sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx -s stop

Configuring Nginx with ngx_pagespeed

We have build Nginx with pagespeed support.Now we need to configure pagespeed.You can to edit the nginx.conf file issue the commands.

sudo nano /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf

Then you need to the following line the every server block where you want to enable pagespeed.

pagespeed on;

# Needs to exist and be writable by nginx. Use tmpfs for best performance.
pagespeed FileCachePath /var/ngx_pagespeed_cache;

# Ensure requests for pagespeed optimized resources go to the pagespeed handler
# and no extraneous headers get set.
location ~ “\.pagespeed\.([a-z]\.)?[a-z]{2}\.[^.]{10}\.[^.]+” {
add_header “” “”;
location ~ “^/pagespeed_static/” { }
location ~ “^/ngx_pagespeed_beacon$” { }

The default filters are good enough for a web server but you can also add more filters.For more details about filters you refer to the Google PageSpeed Filter Docs.
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Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to PCs without your permission

Microsoft wants everyone to use Windows 10. Even if you don’t want to use Windows 10 or you haven’t opted-in for a free upgrade, Microsoft is downloading files of its new OS which are around 3.5GB to 6GB in size. Why is Microsoft wasting bandwidth of its users?

According to The Inquirer, one of its reader noticed a large $Windows.~BT folder even though he hasn’t reserved a free copy of Windows 10. He added that the update tries to install Windows 10 every time he boots up his PCs.

Microsoft released the Windows 10 on July 29 and it is already running on more than 75 million devices and the company admitted that it was downloading unwanted files on users’ PCs.Microsoft told many times that it wants Windows 10 to be running on 1 billion devices, but downloading the files without users’ permission means invading the privacy. But when opting automatic updates you are allowing Microsoft to download and install everything they want.

New Android ransomware locks out the device by changing PIN

The case of cyber extortion is increasing day by day, few days ago, an Android app called Adult Player that offers free pornographic videos was discovered as ransomware that demands $500 for unlocking the device.

Dubbed as Android/Lockerpin.A, the app first tricks users into granting it administrator privileges. The activation window of the app is overlaid with the malicious window pretending to be an “Update Patch Installation”. When the victim taps on continue button, they are actually granting administrator privileges to the malicious app.

Then the Lockerpin sets or resets a PIN for the lock screen and it is impossible to unlock the screen without root privileges.

It’s the first known ransomware that set a PIN for lock screen and requires victims to perform a factory reset, which results in data loss. The app claims to offer pornographic videos and is distributed through the third-party store, websites and forums. The app calls itself “Droid Porn” and it also tries to kill antivirus process when the victim tries to deactivate administrator rights for the app.

ESET’s LiveGrid® statistics shows that the ransomware is mostly affecting the USA, with a share of over 75 percent.


This guy spends $50,000 to build The Elder Scrolls like basement

Tyler Kirkham, artist at DC Comics who have already worked at Green Lantern, New Guardians & Top Cow spends $50,000 to convert the basement of his house into the one that looks like The Elder Scrolls. which is a popular series of action role-playing open world fantasy game developed by

whThe Elder Scrolls is a popular series of action role-playing open world fantasy game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

This was first reported by Barcroft TV and they uploaded a video showing the newly transformed basement.

According to them the basement contains

  • Dented stone walls
  • A beautiful bathroom with a waterfall of his own style.
  • Medieval-style sparring area
  • A kitchen modelled in the same Old World style as the rest of the space
  • A home cinema worth $20,000
  • Crossbows, helmets, armours, horns and a rack of swords and axes
  • A door which is opened by pulling a book from the bookshelf

His basement is fulfilled with objects that were featured in The Elder  Scrolls video game.Kirkham says that he will introduce his one-year-old son Indie to the Elder Scrolls series when he is old enough